Guest Bloggers From Bishop Woods Executive Academy: Self Direction

Bishop Woods Guest Bloggers: Yadelina, Courtney, Sahara

Self-Direction: by Sahara

Self direction is important because self direction helps you set goals.   For example, if  I say I want to be a better reader and need help, my friend Courtney might be able to help me reach my goal.   She could help me by making me read more often and help me understand what I’m reading.

Maybe you think that’s not important, but it is.  Especially if you want to have a big house and a fancy car that you can brag about to an older brother or sister!  You need to be able to do well in school and go to college, and get good grades and maybe get a degree, like in nursing.  Or if you want to be a teacher, or a beautician, or a clothes designer, then you need to be a good learner so you can get through school.

So setting a goal for yourself is important. It takes steps to reach a goal.  For example, if you want those things, the first step you could do to get there is maybe get a summer job, so you are use to getting up and use to working.   Or maybe if you want to be a hair dresser you could volunteer to do old peoples hair at the senior citizen center, so you can practice and get better. It would be good because you can practice and you can help people at the same time!  It would be a good idea and it would be such a nice thing to do.

It is important to set goals for yourself.  And then find a path to reach them.

Self-Direction Poem: by Courtney

When you grow up, do you want to be

Someone who gets attention by jumping in trees?

[]Yes            []No

If so, be my guest

But if no, you might invest

A creepy crime scene

On T.V

Or maybe you want to be a doctor or a dentist

Well, if you want to succeed

Go to college.

UConn, Yale,Hartford, Harvard… whatever works.

But when you can’t be successful, it sometimes hurts.

So put yourself in a position

Where you can be your best

It’s called Self-Direction.

And it’s definitely not a pest!

Self-Direction   by Yadelina

Why is it so important to set goals?

To be self-directed or to have self-direction is to have goals in life.

In life there will be times you have to depend on yourself and only yourself.  In order to do that you must start setting goals now!  It will help you achieve something important later on in life.

It is important to set goals because it is important to have dreams and plans for the future.   It’s never too late… but it’s also never too early.  Everybody should set goals in life.   Once accomplished, they can say, ” I did it!” and they’ll see how easy it is to achieve your goals.   All you have to do is set simple small goals.  Then those simple small goals become great achievements!

So I want you all to think about this and start by setting a goal for yourself.  As we all know our motto here is YES I CAN!

So believe in yourself and you will soon start to say it as well !


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