The Local Three, Six, Five: VICE – A – VERSA PERFECTLY FLAWED.

By Guest Blogger: Kate Baron

I was reminded the other day how the human spirit can carry on through adversity and even change in the midst of it.

Some friends of mine were commenting,  that while they were “eating ice cream and boozin’ it up…Kate is out there running”.  This made me chuckle – and cringe.

I chuckled because if folks knew my history as a person (forget runner!), they would clearly understand that I am no saint – in fact, I have overcome many vices over the course of my journey.  I cringed because I was reminded of the extremely unhealthy choices I’ve made in my day. I was humbled, again, and then smiled at the changes in my life.

I have marinated on these thoughts for a few days. I am more confident now than I ever have been that I do not run because I have no vices – I run because I do.

  • I weighed 256 pounds – food was my vice.
  • I closet smoked for years – cigarettes were my vice.
  • I drank heavily – alcohol was my vice.
  • I was at a job I felt stuck in – fear was my vice.
  • I had few relationships that were worthwhile – insecurity was my vice.
  • I spent too much money – trying to buy happiness was my vice.
  • I reacted quickly to everything – instant gratification was my vice.
  • I could go on and on with this list.  But the truth is simple and the take-away is priceless.


Running diminished my insecurities. My body physically changed and my thought process changed with it. I am empowered. I am in control. I have the realized proof that I am capable of any change I want to create in my life. I have an outlet for fear and doubt – the road. I have a friend (myself) and many more through my community in which I’m able to foster healthy relationships in.

As the new year approaches – think about what “vice-a-versa’s” you might want to take charge of. 


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6 Responses

  1. Dan Cummings says:

    Amazing transformation…  Can’t imagine the “old” you…

  2. Dtemagee says:

    Wow Kate, Well said! What an amazing role model you have become…to me!(as well as my family). Proud to call you friend!

  3. John Kennedy says:

    I am glad you wrote this.  I have an addictive personality and work to not seek happiness elsewhere.  Running is a meditative place where I can just be with results that indicate growth and strength.  I grow and am strong.

  4. Vic Darr says:

    Every vice is a virtue in reverse…and vice-a-versa