Guest Bloggers From Bishop Woods Executive Academy: Social Skills

 Bishop Woods Guest Bloggers: Courtney, Sahara, Angela and Tianna

Social Skills  by  Courtney

Social skills are a very good thing to have. Just in case you are not aware of what social skills are, they’re anything from solving a problem to treating people the way you would want to be treated. So, basically, wearing a uniform, looking professional, knowing when to talk, when to be quiet, and you’ll have the best social skills anyone could ask for!

I have social skills because I do my homework, and I usually know when to talk and when to be quiet. What kind of social skills do you have? Will you take initiative and show that you’ll work hard to reach that goal, and have social skills? If you don’t have any social skills, will you try to get them by the end of January?

Social Skills by Sahara

Solving problems
Opportunities for kindness
Able to make friends
Learning from your friends
Self control
Keep your friends close to you
Let people know how you feel (in a respectable manner)
Listening to other people
Say thank you to people

Social Skills:  Things to Do and What Not To Do  By Angela and Tianna

Today I am writing a skit about social skills.  The skit will be about things to do and not to do.

Say somebody dropped their books in the hallway.   Would you walk past them or help them pick them up?

Tianna –  Plop, plop!  (Tianna drops her books)

Yesenia/Angela-  Hahah! (They start laughing)

Angela-   You need help?

Tianna –  Yes, that would be nice.

Angela –  Well you ain’t getting none!

 Yesenia /Angela-   Hahahahah  (Walk away)

Do you think they (Angela and Yesenia)  handled the situation in a good way?   No they did not  because they didn’t use social skills.   It’s kind of like verbal bullying and you don’t want that right ?

The right way to do it is to use social skills and we’re going to show you how…

Tianna – Plop plop!  (drops her books )

Angela/Yesenia-   Hey,  we she go help her.  

Angela-  Hey there!  Do you need help picking up those books?

Tianna-  Yes, thank you!  That would be nice.

Angela-  (helps pick up her books)

Yesenia-  (comes along and helps too)

Tianna-  Thanks! What are your names by the way?

Angela- My name is Angela.

Yesenia-  And my name is Yesenia.

Tianna-  (greets them nicely with a smile and a hand shake)

Everybody-  (walks to class together as new friends)

This was the right way because you were using social skills like kindness and thoughtfulness  and you can make a new friend.  Isn’t that better than making an enemy?


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2 Responses

  1. Joan Thomas says:

    Love the social skills comments girls!  Angela, Tianna and Yesenia… great job… I know kids do that in the hallway all the time and everyone just walks right over those books and papers… 

    Great skit!

  2. Cynthia Heiter says:

    Great job summarizing social skills, accountability and initiative, Courtney!
    I love your poem, Sahara…Did you know “listen” and “silent” are made with the same letters? Its always polite to be silent while you are listening :)
    Angela and Tianna, I enjoyed the skit! I’m picturing you right in the grade 5/6 hallway helping someone with their books, how nice of you! :)
    Good job ladies!
    Happy Blogging!