White Mountain Hut to Hut: A Great Family Adventure

It is never too soon to start thinking about summer vacation trips. After all the snow we had this year it might even help you to push past the lasting effects of the winter time blues. Outside Magazine recently came out with 50 Great Family Adventures in the US. For those of you that might not have the time or budget to travel to other sections of the country there are seven great choices in the Northeast.

The lake at Lakes of the Clouds Hut looking toward Mt. Washington


Traveling hut to hut in the White Mountains of New Hampshire is one of the seven to make the Northeast list. What makes the hut system so great is that they are all a day hike apart. If you can get there in a day then you don’t need to extra weight of a tent. Your sleeping arrangements for the night will be in a bunk house. A mattress, pillow, and wool blanket are all provided for you. It is recommended that you bring a liner or your own sleeping bag though.

Another added bonus are the delicious meals that the hut Croo makes. After a day of hiking you are treated to a hearty, homemade meal. Not only does the Croo cook for you but they often provide entertainment. They also send you off in the morning with a good breakfast for another day of hiking. If you are lucky you may even catch a Croo member hiking up with a 100lb pack board filled with food and supplies.


On top of Mt. Adams looking down at Madison Springs Hut


The best part of the hut to hut hiking is the views you get and the memories you will make along the way. You will travel along the Appalachian Trail past lakes, waterfalls, and above tree line and stay at America’s oldest hut system. All of this can be done while just carrying a day pack on your back. Not needing to carry a tent and only having to bring lunch or snacks along is what can make this a great family trip. Together as a family you can hike light all while spending a few days up in the mountains.

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Map of the huts from www.outdoors.org

Amy Parulis

Amy is extremely fond of mountains and mud. She has hiked all of the 4000footers in New Hampshire and stood on the top of a steaming Mt. St. Helens. Between trips to New Hampshire Amy enjoys doing crazy athletic challenges her friends put her up to. She is a proud finisher of the Peak Races 50 mile ultramarathon and Ghost Train Trail 50k. Often found carrying bricks around for the fun of it and daydreaming about one day climbing Mt. Rainier, Amy pays the bills by doing social media and events for Trailblazer and Denali.

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