Here Come the Cicadas

Magicicada septendecim

It’s only a matter of time now. After 17 years for being below ground Brood II of the Cicadas are coming out. Communities from North Carolina up to Connecticut are awaiting the emergence of these insects. In general they don’t bite and aren’t poisonous but they sure are loud and obnoxious.

Scientists are not exactly sure where in Connecticut they will emerge. Based on past data the experts are anticipating the 17 year Magicicadas to emerge in the traprock ridges of central and south central Connecticut. One such spot that has seen them before and in high likely hood will see them this year is Sleeping Giant State Park in Hamden.

Generally these 1.5inch long bugs come out in late May or early June. Due to the recent warm conditions they may be making their way out earlier. The first signs you will notice of them are peanut size holes at the base of trees. As the Cicadas work their way up the trees they will shed their skin to reveal wings with orange veins. On the trees they will gather as they prepare to mate.

Just a fair warning, once they start mating things will get loud. If you live near a spot that they have emerged you may want to put off mowing your lawn or using power tools outside until they are done. The vibration of that type of equipment confuses the females and they may come and land on you. While they are harmless to humans their red eyes don’t make them the most inviting of creatures to have on you.

If you are lucky enough to witness this once every 17 year emergences please head to and report your sighting. This will help scientists out greatly.

Amy Parulis

Amy is extremely fond of mountains and mud. She has hiked all of the 4000footers in New Hampshire and stood on the top of a steaming Mt. St. Helens. Between trips to New Hampshire Amy enjoys doing mud runs and GORUCK Challenges. She is a proud finisher of the Peak Races 50 mile ultramarathon. Often found carrying bricks around for the fun of it and daydreaming about one day climbing Mt. Rainier, Amy pays the bills by doing social media and events for Trailblazer and Denali.

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