Mattabesset River Canoe/Kayak Trail

The Mattabesset River, its ponds and surrounding woodlands, and an immense tidal marsh provide for excellent wildlife watching.  Running from Meriden/Southington area and flowing for 18 miles to the Connecticut River in Middletown, this small river lends great opportunity to flat water canoe and kayaking. There are 10 primary access points to the river. Paddlers should be careful in the areas near Kensington and Berlin as the river can get narrow and thick with brush at times. There is also a section in Berlin that will require you to take your boat out of the water and portage due to a dam.


 Be prepared for MUD!!

Our launching location is right in the heart of Cromwell on RT 3 just behind the Dunkin Donuts.  This is an active launching location for many but be prepared to get dirty!!  The river banks are knee deep in mud at low tide!  Once you get passed the mud, this is a great trail for exploring.  The river has many twists and turns as it flows to the CT River.  You really never know what you will find around the corner.  This natural area has awesome exposed root systems and wildlife everywhere you turn.  You’re sure to pass along other fellow kayakers on your journey!


We were a half mile down the river when the skies turned black! It was time for us to turn around and go home for the day.

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