Connecticut Wine Trail: Chamard Vineyards

Any vineyard originally incorporated by the Chairman and CEO of Tiffany and CO. has to be worth a visit in my book. Now, Chamard Vineyards in Clinton is owned by Jonathan Rothberg, known for leading the way in the first complete human genome sequence. The vineyard has plenty of charm to go with its unique history. I once again picked a rainy day to visit a vineyard. At some point I will be able to enjoy a sunset at one.


Driving down to the main building the driveway is surrounded by vines with the beginnings of their buds. I imagined the lush green vines set against a bright blue sky, perhaps another day. Upon sprinting into the main building to avoid being soaked we had two options of where to go. Head to the right and sit for a quiet evening in The Bistro for some delicious foods including an assortment of locally grown and raised items. Our choice was heading to the Tasting Room to the left.


Before starting our tasting we took a few moments to examine some of the beautiful wood work around the room. The tasting room was already getting rather crowded. Chamard has a Spring Singer/Songwriting concert series and today’s concert needed to be moved from the barn into the Tasting Room due to the weather. This made things a little more enjoyable, being able to listen to live music while doing a wine tasting.

Chamard offers two types of tastings. There is the regular $15 wine tasting and then the $25 reserve wine tasting. We opted for the reserve tasting which also includes a wine glass that you take home when finished. Our server started us off with the 2010 Estate Reserve Chardonnay which ended up being our favorite. Upon completion of the tasting we ordered a bottle of the Reserve Chardonnay along with their Cheese Assortment. We spent the rest of the evening enjoying our local artisan cheeses, listening to good music, and enjoying a great atmosphere.

Amy Parulis

Amy is extremely fond of mountains and mud. She has hiked all of the 4000footers in New Hampshire and stood on the top of a steaming Mt. St. Helens. Between trips to New Hampshire Amy enjoys doing crazy athletic challenges her friends put her up to. She is a proud finisher of the Peak Races 50 mile ultramarathon and Ghost Train Trail 50k. Often found carrying bricks around for the fun of it and daydreaming about one day climbing Mt. Rainier, Amy pays the bills by doing social media and events for Trailblazer and Denali.

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