Tuesday’s With Laura: My ReIntroduction

So… I’m back, and thankful that the “and beyond” part of my Southbound and Beyond Blog is unraveling as I type. Tony has taken me under his wing here at Trailblazer and I am happy and ready to take on new adventures and share them with you. Last time I checked into the blogosphere I had just gotten back from a solo trip along South America–literary southbound–all the way from Colombia to Argentina. Since then, I have been working, schooling and exploring the outdoors around the North East.

Now I’m back on and ready to continue exploring the world and writing all about it. Trailblazer has an amazing staff that is always up to something great. So, I also wish to bring you their stories, share with you what they’re into, where they go, what they like about this area, and its outdoors possibilities.

As for me, I am very much into traveling, hiking, and more recently, climbing. I want to get out there and come back and tell you all about it. And perhaps you can tell me about what you are into and we can create a kind of travel and outdoor driven community.

I never turn down an opportunity for venturing into the wilderness or out in the world. I am passionate about culture and this planet; there is nothing more exciting to me than summiting a mountain or exploring new places and getting to know people with different points of view. From far away places to down the street; I want to know how people view the world and how they spend their days enjoying this beautiful place we live in. So, I will bring you stories and I want to hear yours!

I also enjoy all kinds of food (recently on the healthier side). I like local sustainable initiatives, farms, and community building efforts.

I live in a co-op in New Haven and I am always willing to get more involved in my community. Therefore, through ‘Tuesdays with Laura,‘ what will be my weekly contribution to this blog, I will be writing about these topics and sharing experiences with you as I go off into the world.

If you would like to check out what I’ve already done, take a peak in our archive or visit the southbound blog. If you are interested on the adventures to come, stay tuned and make sure to share your own adventures with us. I would love to learn about the places you go to and what works for you. Do you have any tips? What gear works for you? Which are your favorite spots? I am eager to hear from you.

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