Frisbee Golfing With Trailblazer’s Dave “The Faulk” Faulkner

Karyn takes the lead

This winter has really thrown me for a loop.

With this unseasonable weather, I have been on the hunt for something to do without having to travel up North to go snowboarding. Lucky for me, my girlfriend Karyn always has something new to try. This was the winter I was introduced to Disc Golf.

Trying to find the Disc

I was not completely in the dark, I had some idea of how Disc Golf worked and was played, although I never actually played. Karyn and I did a little searching and found a course that was very close for the both of us, in Orange. This course was located back behind the Orange Senior Center.   

Disc Golf Disc Catcher

Hi there! I’m Dave!

Once we arrived, we were pretty surprised to see that the course was buried in the woods! This course was not for the faint of heart. I learned quickly that my accuracy with throwing a Frisbee was far below what I anticipated. Trying to avoid trees and branches proved to be quiet the challenge.  

Stuck in the woods

You have to be precise. Or else the woodpeckers will get you?

Overall, Disc Golf is basically about avoiding throwing your Frisbee into a tree. I had a few times were I didn’t even make it three feet before I hit a tree and the Frisbee bounced almost back to where I was standing. I’ve heard there are a few Disc Golf courses here in CT and am pretty interested to check them out one warm weekend.

Karyn stuck on hole #1

Karyn stuck on hole #1



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