Tuesdays with Laura: the winner of our travel contest!

Congratulations Alberto Alvarez! the winner of our awesome travel story contest! Thanks for sharing your sweet story with us. I hope you enjoy the $50 gift card. 

I was recently traveling through Colombia with a friend of mine driving from south to north.  While in the south, we stayed in Medellin for two nights to check out the city. On our last night we wondered through La Zona Rosa, Medellin’s night life district. We stopped for a drink at a local hang out and befriended a couple of locals. We chatted for a while exchanging travel stories but for them it was mostly practicing their English. They introduce me to a friend of theirs that had being studying in the states and was back in her hometown for holidays.

She had dark hair and beautiful brown eyes, her smile could cheer up anyone in the surrounding.  I fell in love.  Well not right away, but our brief encounter was something to remember.  After that night, we caught our flight to the coast of Colombia to Cartagena to meet up with my family.  After we meet, we then headed to further north to Santa Marta, another coastal city. We spent 4 days exploring the beaches and enjoying the night life, during one of those walks on the beach, I was stopped by young girl from a distance, I thought she was trying to sell me something, seeing how every where in Colombia you have street merchants trying to sell you something, but it turned out to be the same girl that I fell in love with from Medellin!

I could not even fathom the probability of this happening,  nor did I care, I was just so happy to see her again.  From this moment, we where inseparable, the next few days we spent every moment together talking, going out dancing, and enjoying our time on the beach side.  The time came when we had to go on our separate ways, I waked her to the elevator of the building, kissed her good bye, elevator doors where shut and I wait for the day they reopen.



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  1. Adriana says:

    Oh!!! I was touched by this story. I guess you know why… Love it!!