$500 North Face Holiday Shopping Spree Giveaway

Trailblazer is psyched to announce our $500 North Face Holiday Shopping Spree!

Rules Are Simple

All you have to do is be a follower of us on Twitter  (@Trlbzer) and Facebook .

On Wednesday, 12/15/10, at 3 pm in the afternoon, there will be a mysterious snowflake that will pop up somewhere in a random blog post. You have to scramble to find it!

This snowflake!

This snowflake will be placed somewhere in this blog in a previous post. It could be in an easy spot like the title picture or even a bit more difficult, like embedded in another photo.

The first one to type the title of the blog post where the snowflake resides as a comment on this post wins!

So, get on board and win some free North Face gear!

Follow us Here:

Trailblazer Facebook and @Trlbzer Twitter

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