Action Alert: Become a Witness for Wildlife

Wild animals could use a little help these days, as more and more of the corridors they use for migration are being taken over by human development & climate change.  If this is concerning to you, Witness for Wildlife has many opportunities for you to get involved.

For many wild animals, to roam means to survive. Seasonal migration between habitats is a pattern passed from generation to generation of eagles, waterfowl, elk and hundreds of other species. To locate a new place to survive and breed, the young of many species must roam far and wide. And freedom to roam often determines whether or not wild creatures can adapt to change.

Even for species that do not seasonally migrate, the ability to find new mates in new places protects genetic health and diversity. What happens when habitats are isolated by cities and highways, or fragmented by fences and fields?

Witness for Wildlife (W4W) is a citizen naturalist community dedicated to chronicling and protecting North America’s wildlife corridors. W4W is a program of Freedom to Roam a non-profit coalition that brings together the best in business, government, and non-profits to enhance awareness and conservation of wildlife corridors and landscape connectivity in North America.

What are Wildlife Corridors?
Wildlife corridors are pathways that allow regular travel, seasonal migration or population dispersal of different species. Without intact, healthy corridors, species are unable to migrate, move, find food, reproduce or effectively adapt to a warming planet, habitat fragmentation or human development. As corridors disappear, so do wildlife.

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