Action Alert: Save Patagonia-Reject the Construction of HidroAysén’s Proposed Mega-Dam Project

Action Alert via Save Patagonia…Ask Chile’s government to protect the pristine wilderness of Patagonia, and reject the construction of HidroAysén’s proposed mega-dam project.

The Chilean Patagonia is an area of global importance and among Chile’s true natural treasures. As you know, Patagonia is still home to untouched mountains, dense forests and abundant watersheds that nurture stunning wildlife seen nowhere else on earth. This varied, breathtaking region is deserving of the highest protection.

Yet, the massive hydroelectric scheme proposed by HidroAysén threatens to destroy this wilderness. These five proposed dams would flood over 14,000 acres of land, threatening not only the wildlife but also the livelihoods of the people living there. In addition, the transmission line needed to carry the dams’ electricity to the north would cut a 1400 mile-long scar through national parks, protected reserves and countless communities. has done the work for you and written a letter that just needs your signature.  Click here to take action.

Main photo courtesy of MarcoIE via Flickr
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