National Squirrel Day! CT Squirrel Rescue

Once in a while, a story happens to fall in my lap that is such an untapped treat I can’t wait to share it with all of you. This one came to me plastered on the wall of a Facebook page. Yes, not only did I find this story on Facebook, but Mike Franzman, the ring leader of this whole operation you’re about to witness, said it was because of cooperation through Facebook that this little squirrel was freed.

“Over the course of six days I watched him, fed him, until thanks to FB cooperation, we have removed it successfully,” said Franzman.

I’m going to lay out the story below in picture format. But, before I do I must warn you: This story is so cute you’re going to turn into your grandma and want to pinch the red out of my cheeks for finding this story. – Tony

All captions written by Mike Franzman, in real time,  on his Facebook page, throughout the ordeal.


I couldnt get close to him, but I knew something was not right with this squirrel.

At first kept his distance...

Once I put out food, I could see the problem through my 300mm telephoto lens.

He can eat even with his head stuck in this lid.

OK, a few days later... I still cannot get anywhere near him, but through my lens, I can see he has been able to chip away at this lid.

He can still eat, run, climb, and the lid is wearing out

PROBLEM: His right foot is now caught in it as well.

If anyone has a trap, I will remove this with gloves, and tongs.

He came back again later on and I noticed his arm is now free again!

He is obviously NOT comfortable.

Thanks to Jeff Martin and his dad, we now have a squirrel trap with which to offer assistance!

Already, all the wrong squirrels are checking it out.

But sometimes the wrong one gets in (I have released this one). I felt like a bail bondsman when I let this one go. Still no sign of the squirrel with the lid.

OK, around noon, here is the target!! He is checking out the food in the trap...

He is going in... going in...

He managed to get food OUT without springing the trap!

He comes back after a few minutes...

The trap door springs shut!!

I was able to hold the McDonald's lid steady with the pliers, and he pulled free instantly. :-)

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  2. It’s rare that someone cares enough to spend a week doing Anything for free ! But,Mike Franzman did . And luckily not only does he have a big heart,but he is a photographer with a special eye for natures wonders and manmade blunders. It was awesome to see the whole catch,Help and release squirrel story unfold,step by step, with pics and captions,and the happy ending ,all on Facebook .

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