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Shelton Lakes Recreation Path

On my mission to do all of the Connecticut Forest and Park Association’s Blue Blazed Trails I recently came across the Shelton Lakes Recreation Path. We were out hiking along the beginning of the...


Yellowstone | Geysers

Yellowstone National Park is probably best known for Old Faithful Geyser. Old Faithful erupts approximately every 75 – 90 minutes. But there are so many more geysers and springs in the park. You could...

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Women Explore Outdoors Tour

Wednesday, September 21st @5:30PM Denali Trumbull Thursday, September 22nd @5:30PM Denali Old Saybrook Ladies, grab your moms, sisters, and best girlfriends for a night out with us! Denali and Pinnacle Outdoor Group are partnering...


Beating the Heat

It’s getting hot out and there are plenty of great tips and tricks to share on how to keep your cool that you may have never heard of! Check out what we have to share:


Connecticut Animal Tracks

Whether you’ve been hiking or just sitting in your own backyard, you have most likely come across markings left behind by wildlife. Some animal tracks are blatantly obvious while others are not so much....