Guest Blogger Mandy Farrar, aka Caratunk Girl: A Belated Welcome & Introduction!

We were so excited about Mandy Farrar’s committment to contribute to the Trailblazer Hub several weeks ago that we got straight to work posting her fabulous stories…and completely neglected to give her a warm welcome & introduction.

Mandy is a marathon runner, triathlete, & white water raft guide who lives in Caratunk, Maine (population 60 in the winter, 120 in the summer).  She makes her living working as a forester, and is lucky enough to work every day with her best friend, and trusty sidekick Bailey, a 9 year old Bernese Mountain Dog.

Caratunk is nestled on the east side of the Kennebec River and it, along with the towns of The Forks (pop 35) and West Forks (pop 47), are the hub of whitewater rafting and other recreational activities in the summer.  In the winter, people come to snowmobile, cross country ski, snow shoe, or drink at one of the 7 bars scattered amongst the three towns.

The Appalachian trail also crosses through Caratunk just before it skips across the Kennebec River & on toward the South.  Mandy has hosted many a thru hiker during the late Summer months, as they make their way closer to the Northern Terminus.

Although her vocation is forestry, she truly found her passion in triathlon and endurance sports.  She ran first marathon in 2005, completed her first triathlon in 2009, and has been completely “hooked” ever since.   She created her blog, Caratunk Girl to follow her triathlon training, tell some stories, and maybe help inspire and motivate people to get outside and keep moving, every day.

Mandy’s has already contributed some fantastic stories here at the Hub (see Play for Her, Hey I’m Running Here!, and a great Top 10 Online Running Communities list you’ll definitely want to check out), and we can’t wait to see what else she has in store.  We’re grateful for her contributions & hope you enjoy her stories as much as we do!

PS…Mandy will be competing in the Pirate Triathlon tomorrow (Sunday, June 13).  We are rooting for you girl!  We know you’ll kick some butt!

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