Introducing Mark Jobman and his Adventure Chronicles

We are excited to announce, yet another amazing guest blogger to the Trailblazer Hub:  Mark Jobman, host/author of the Adventure Chronicles.

Mark grew up in the Black Hills of South Dakota around some of the best kept secrets of granite trad climbing. Climbing in the Needles and near by Devils Tower, he quickly grew addicted to a lifestyle in the outdoors. Throughout high school and into college he worked at a local guide service and gear shop in the summer and ski instructed at the local hills in the winter. These experiences helped lay the foundation for his career as a Landscape Architect, and designing outdoor recreation areas for people to enjoy.  He feels “there is so much the we can learn from the landscape and about ourselves by just spending a little time outside; weather that is in the mountains, local parks, or on rivers. There is a huge world out there for us to discover and understand.”

With his wife Kelli, a pediatric dentist, he recently moved back to the Black Hills to raise their future family. Knowing it is a great location to raise children, with ample opportunities for outdoor adventures. The ambition to share outdoor experiences with people is really what he is most passionate about; whether that is teaching someone how to climb, introducing them to new strengths, or teaching them stronger techniques on skis. Living in a location where he can teach his kids to climb, ski, and enjoy the outdoors helps share his appreciation for nature and adventure.

“To me adventure is not just about the buzz, the summits, the tick lists”, says Mark. “To me adventure can be additive, by adding education and culture to everything that you are doing in the outdoors. Building stronger relationships, and understanding of landscapes and people are just as important as the adventure itself. Wanting to share my adventure stories and connect with people who share the passion for adventure we started the Adventure Chronicles; an online destination for adventures, travelers, dreams, and climbers to share their zealousness for adventure with others.”

Currently he is amping up for a great year of adventures on Mt. Rainier, climbing in the Tetons, Black Hills, Devils Tower and Vedauwoo, Backpacking Europe, Mt. Biking the Dakota 50, and always a beach destination or two in there somewhere.  Follow him, with us, on his adventures!

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