Cold Weather Gear: What To Wear

By: Caitlin Thayer

The cool weather is setting in and I am waiting for the day when it’s too cold to want to step out the door and go for a run. I ran a 5k a couple of weekends ago and it was a beautiful day for running, but that first chill had hit the air and I could definitely tell the difference in my lungs. Even though I grew up in Maine, I’m not a big fan of the cold weather so I’m in the market for some layers.

North Face makes a warm capri that will be great for running in the winter. Nothing is worse than running in the cold and not being able to stay loose because my muscles keep freezing up. Warm capris layered under pants will keep me toasty warm in the cold.

I generally hate wearing long sleeve shirts while running, because it keeps me warm before I start and then makes me hot when I get going. Patagonia has a great long-sleeve to keep me warm pre-run and keep me cool when I get hot.

I wear the $1.50 mittens from Target but if you’ve got to have the real deal, there are lots of running gloves to choose from. From Nike to Asics, there are plenty of styles to find the one that works best for you.

For headgear, a regular ball cap works if you aren’t worried about keeping your ears warm, a beanie or a headband works to keep the warmth in. I’ve been looking into neck gaiters recently for some extra protection. During that 5k a couple of weeks ago my biggest problem was my untrained lungs in the cold air.

So with all of the extra coverage, hopefully it will make for a not-so-cold winter running season! What’s your favorite gear for running in the cold weather?

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  2. I have absolute necessities while running through the winter

    1 – gloves, gloves, gloves
    2 – headband to keep the ears warm and the hair back
    3 – pants (one layer for cold weather, two layers for “it’s absolutely effin freezing” weather)
    4 – long sleeve shirt under regular tee (so I can still roll-up sleeves if I get a bit hot)
    5 – bright colors since it’s dark much earlier now
    6 – warm, but breathable socks. My feet like to go a bit numb during my first mile either way, but usually warm up by mile 2.

    The neck warmers I thought would be a good idea last year. Not so! I tend to build A LOT of heat and the neck warmer doesn’t allow much to get out. I’m fine with nothing around my neck – it’s cold the first mile, but by mile 4 or more it feels really nice to have that area open.

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