CT Local: Mike Franzman’s 2010 Holiday Gift Guide

Mike Franzman has been a pretty steady inclusion here at The Hub the past few weeks. I’ve donned him with the hefty title of Animal Whisperer of Connecticut; and for good reason.

Check out Mike’s animal whispering first hand: CT Squirrel Rescue: Facebookers Team Up For Freedom and Animal Rescue 2: Mike’s Mouse Makes It After 6 Days.

So adorable you want to squeeze his cheeks right? Right.

Well, this time around Mike is back with his 2010 holiday gift guide. Keep in mind they’re adding to your day with not only a few lol’s and lmao’s, but he’s snuck a few CT real shopping ideas, as well. He’s sneaky like that.

So, straight from Mike’s Facebook page, with his own comments in the pics, I give you Mike Frenzman’s 2010 Holiday Gift Guide. You’re welcome. – Tony

Nothing tells your man that you’ve noticed how lazy & fat he is, like a gift card to a store that has lazy & fat in its very name! Well, sort of: substitute lazy for "Casual" and fat for "XL" ;-)

Last year Target proudly sold this Ridiculously Tiny Purple Christmas Tree: perfect, when normal-sized, green trees won't do.

Heart of Wisconsin Sausage Fest! There are certain things that make you laugh whenever you try to say them. One of them is, "Summer Sausage". Go ahead, try and say it without laughing.

What’s a better gift than a permanent expensive coffee cup that looks exactly like the free disposable cup?

If you love that classic, "Creepy-Meets-Christmassy" feel, you can't miss with the headless yuletide caroler!!

The popular, "Shard's O' Glass N' Razor-Wire Rudolph" is back again this year at T.J. Maxx!

Yankee Doodle Diner Mug! Assorted Doodle-Gifts are still for sale at Cutler's Records across the street on Broadway. (These were a hit last year, so I'm repeating it)

“Try Me. Press Down. I Poop Candy!" claims the tag. Then he shoots a jelly bean out the back door... Last year, this Pooping Penguin sold at Walmart for just $1. If you can't find it this year ask for the manager.

A Framed Original, by photographer Hayward Gatling, is the perfect complement to any room! You can view more of his work in Foster's Restaurant, on Orange Street. And if you ask, I know he'll even sign it for you.

Fresh Ground Peanut Butter ROCKS!! I tried this for the first time this year at Whole Foods. The unsalted is about half the price of this, and just as good.

The Gift Of Chocolate.

Nothing says, "I Know How To Treat My Woman", like the thoughtful gift of Christmas Dishwashing Liquid. “Now, if you're done opening the present, get back in that kitchen and make me a sandwich!”

Ridiculously Huge Ornament: perfect for that ridiculously tiny tree you bought.

Why Not Book A Photo Shoot With ME! For not so much $$, I will give you loads of digital photos to commemorate your event, performance, wedding, heck I will even shoot your divorce.

Creepy Action Figures from the original Twilight Zone series!! (Toys R Us has all your favorite scary dolls).

8-track tapes of 70's rock. Ah yes, dated music on an out-dated format, in a really nice collectors case.

A super-bright Santa Suit, to wear while shopping for Christmas items!

Last Days Of The Coliseum: this brand new documentary covers the history, politics, events, and demolition of our historic New Haven Coliseum. It is available on DVD or Blu-Ray from this site: http://www.lastdaysofthecoliseum.com/

A Compostable Bag Of Sunchips and hearing protection make a thoughtful, healthy, multi-grain gift!

The screaming Sunchips bag! My favorite! – Tony


Playboy Cologne gift-pack for men: let's think about whom is buying this for a minute. Are women really buying their men cologne that says, "Hollywood Playboy" or "Vegas Playboy"? Are certain men buying it for other men? Is it a secret guilty purchase for one's own self? Will this sell at all, to anyone, ever? Thoughts?

A gift worth giving just for the stupid name alone: This year's winner: "Pump & Go"

A gift worth giving just for the stupid name alone: Last year's winner was "POPPYCOCK!!"

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