Nutty Product of the Week: The Backcountry Snuggy

Put aside how funny this snuggy looks, or how silly this grown man looks inside of it for a moment. 

Instead, let your thoughts drift toward the comfort and pure blissful night your limbs will have or not have, engrossed in its wrath. And all this while having your arms free to move this way and that? Who would have thought?! – Tony

The Backcountry Snuggy

Take a warm, comfortable, down sleeping bag, knock out some holes for arms and legs, and then fine-tune. Make the traditional sleeping bag hood fit more like a parka hood. Adjust the leg openings so the entire bottom of the bag zips open, and configure that lower hem so it can be cinched up around your waist if you want. The result: the Dreamwalker, a sleeping bag that doubles as a parka, from Exped.

As the temperature drops, slip into your Dreamwalker parka-style to stay warm as you set up camp. While enjoying dinner, keep your arms out but drop the hem around your ankles for greater warmth while still allowing moderate mobility.

The Dreamwalker resembles a standard mummy-style sleeping bag. It is not edible.

Come bedtime, zip the leggings up to create the lower half of a sleeping bag, while still having your arms free to read or prepare for sleep. Before drifting off, close off the arms to seal in the warmth and snuggle down into your mummy-style sleeping bag.

Available in 750-fill down versions rated to 20- and 35-degrees Fahrenheit, and in a synthetic-fill version rated to 40 degrees, the regular-length Dreamwalker 650 (rated to 20 degrees) weighs 2 pounds, 7 ounces and sells for $359. More information at

Source: Seattle Times

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