Gifts for Keeping Her Warm

It’s not uncommon in the winter to hear a lady say she is cold. Maybe we don’t have as good circulation as men, I don’t know. I do know that I tend to spend a lot of the winter with layers on and wear a beanie way more than I should. In my opinion you can never have too many fleeces, gloves, and beanies. Since I wear them all of the time I like to mix things up. If you are shopping for a lady this holiday season that also tends to be cold here are some gift ideas for her.

Slippers - We have slippers from both Acorn and UGG. With UGG you will have the warmth of sheepskin that naturally wicks away moisture keeping your foot warm and dry. Acorn will warm your feet with soft sherpa fleece and in some cases Thermolite synthetic down insulation.

Scarf - Keep the chill off the neck and accessorize at the same time with a scarf.

Beanie - My favorite accessory in the winter are beanies. I can’t stand to have cold ears. My favorite beanies are the ones that not only cover my head but can give full ear coverage.

Woolrich Blanket - What could be better then to snuggle up under a nice warm, wool blanket by a fire. The Woolrich Blankets come with the added bonus that they are made in the USA.

Coffee Mug - While she’s snuggled up by the fire with her blanket chances are the lady in your life would also enjoy a hot cup of tea, coffee, or hot coco. Give her a cute Life is Good mug to complete her warm holiday gifts.

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