Thank A Ranger Day: July 29 2010

Topping the list of lesser-known holidays, here’s one we feel is worth your attention: Thank A Ranger Day. On July 29, 2010, be sure to show your support for the hard work that these men & women do throughout the year.

Thank A Ranger Day was started in and in memory of Jeff Christensen, a ranger at Rocky Mountain National Park who died in a fall on July 29, 2005, while on a backcountry patrol.  “We want to spread the word about Thank A Ranger Day so that others can join in and thank rangers in any of the national parks. We do this to show our appreciation for their service that may be overlooked and many times under appreciated,” says Aaron Deschane, the force behind the day of appreciation.

Park Rangers are more than just handsome men & women in neatly pressed uniforms…they are ultimately responsible for the welfare of not only the park in which they represent but the visitors who come to the park as well.  They provide a wide range of services, some big, some small, some of them at the peril of their own personal safety, including:

  • Search & Rescue
  • Interpretive Programs
  • Campfire Programs
  • Backcountry Patrol
  • Nature, Geological, and Natural History Research
  • Guided Tours
  • Park Guest Relations (including directions, general how-to, basic info, etc)
  • Park Law Enforcement
  • Even more than you’ll see as a visitor…

If you happen to be visiting a National Park on July 29, be sure to thank every Park Ranger you see…but even if you’re not visiting in person, you can show your thanks & support by sending a thank you note to your favorite National Park.

We really love this old school tribute to National Park Rangers from Bronco438:

Main Photo Courtesy of muirtrail68 via Flickr.

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