Eric Larsen Treks to Both Poles, Summits Everest in One Year For New Record

Explorer Eric Larsen and his team summited Mount Everest on Thursday, the final quest in his goal to reach the North and South Poles and the rooftop of the world within one year (Everest is considered by some to be a third pole), as reported by the AP. He made a 750-mile trek to the South Pole in January and a 500-mile hike to the North Pole in April. The 39-year-old Minnesota native says only 15 people have been to the top of Everest and both Poles, but none did it within a year. Larsen’s expedition is intended to call attention to climate change in those regions.

Each single feat is an impressive accomplishment; and to do them all in one year is certainly a test of stamina, outdoors skills, and fund-raising abilities. What do you think of creative new records such as these? Do they keep exploration alive, as many “firsts” are long taken?

Source: National Geographic

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