Jordan Romero Recaps Everest Summit on the Today Show

Jordan Romero, now the youngest to summit Everest at 13 years of age is home safe & sound, along with his father Paul Romero & stepmother Karen Lundgren.  This has been a much discussed & controversial expedition, but we happen to know that Jordan is an extraordinary kid who was more prepared than many experienced climbers to make this attempt.

Their media tour upon returning to the US has been a busy one…here is one of our favorites on the Today show:

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It takes an extraordinary feat to inspire the masses…and Jordan has inspired many, especially kids, to get off the couch and do something outside.

Welcome home Team Jordan.  We’re so happy you have returned safely, and can’t wait to follow you on your next adventure!

If you want to follow Jordan too, check him out here:

TWITTER: @TeamJordanR
FACEBOOK: Team Jordan Romero On Everest
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