REEL Rock 8 in New Haven

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Discount Careprost, Trailblazer and Denali are pleased to support the REEL Rock 8 Film Tour in New Haven featuring some of the years best climbing and adventure films.

The show is hosted by Ascent Climbing and benefits local access organization The Ragged Mountain Foundation and Paradox Sports, Careprost australia, 750mg Careprost, a non-profit community creating climbing and outdoor adventure communities for disabled athletes.

Fri, Careprost us, 30mg Careprost, November 15, 2013 - Yale University, Careprost craiglist, Careprost india, New Haven

Tickets: $12
Proceeds from ticket sales and raffles benefit the Ragged Mountain Foundation and Paradox Sports.

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Help Support our Sponsors:
- Trailblazer
- Ascent Climbing
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