Yale Climbing Team Starts the Year With a New Team

After a few weeks of hectic training, team bonding, belay lessons, and snowy walks to the gym, this semester’s Yale Climbing Team is finally starting to tap into its potential.

After a little bit of attrition near the top of the semester, we’ve settled on an official roster for the 2011 spring semester at 27 climbers, all of whom bring something great and unique to the team. YCT’s competitive team for this season’s Collegiate Climbing Series competitions includes many who’ve never climbed before and a few hardened, strong-folk-veterans of the climbing world. We’ve all been working out really hard, though, and the team is looking forward to our first competition, which is just a week away.

On the 12th of February, YCT will hop into a fleet of vans, form the best caravan that I-95 has ever seen, and drive south to The Gravity Vault of Upper Saddle River, NJ  for some serious collegiate climbing domination. Other schools that will be represented (and whose climbers will be quivering in fear once Yale rolls in) include the Rochester Institute of Technology, West Point Military Academy, Ramapo College of New Jersey, and Reanseallear Polytechnic Institute, among others.

Be sure to check back soon for updates!

Climb On,


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