25 Amazing and Natural Hearts Found in Nature

It's Valentines's Day today. Whether you have a special someone or not, these all natural  heart shapes will remind you there's a little bit of love in everything. 1. Galesnjak, Croatia 2. Cloud 3. Butterfly DMangus 4. Snow 5. Mangrove Yves Arthus-Bertrand 6. Mars NASA 7. Rock 8. Frost knitalatte11 9. Curled leaf Lisa Luvz 10. Castle and Heart Lakes, California 11. Clouds, Monreal, Sicily, Italy Lyuba Katerova 12. Heart Nebula NASA 13. Cactus Blue Ridge Kitties 14. Gutierrez Lake, Argentina 15. Leaf Miriam Vitale 16. Baja California, Mexico 17. Swan evelynnlouise 18. Tree 19. Cactus 20. Aral Sea NASA 21. Mulch Boo n’ Hoo 22. Bug, Twilight-Faa 23. Wetland, Guandu Nature Park, Taiwan 24. Reef, Whitsundays, Australia 25. Tiny rock speedyfearless  

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