Biking Hurd State Park: CT Mountain Biking

The good Lord blessed the majority of Connecticut with loose soil laden with rocks deposited from the last ice age and roots, slippery, treacherous roots.

Riding here can often be more frustrating than fun. This is our lot as CT mountain bikers.

With that said, possessing certain skills makes riding in CT much more enjoyable:

1) The ability to relax one’s arms to absorb the bruising blows from jagged loose traprock downhills while still maintaining a kung fu grip on the handle bars at all times.

2)  When in doubt, reach out and grab the nearest tree to pull yourself through technical sections without putting a foot down and losing all momentum.

3) Bail preemptively.  When the brakes are locked and you are skidding on the magic carpet of leaves from hell towards a sugar maple ditch the bike, tuck and roll.

Unfortunately, these lessons weren’t imparted on my fiancé who grew up in the Pacific Northwest where all the trails are buff as a baby’s bottom, tacky and hilariously fun.  Needless to say, my lady has been less than impressed with the riding around here.  Until we went to Hurd State Park in Middle Haddam along the beautiful Connecticut River.

Buff, single track with short, technical, rocky (high quality Gneiss) sections with optional drops.  Keeps the legs spinning.  No hike a bike.  Ride everywhere.  East Coast flavor.

The downhill to the river is fun and fast.  The climb up from the river is AWESOME.

Another little pocket of goodness hidden away in this tiny, overpopulated, surprisingly rural nutmeg state.

Thanks to for putting me onto this gem and giving us all a resource to reference for years to come.

Climbers should bring a crash pad for the cool roadside boulder.  Everyone should check out “split rock”, a really unique rock formation and a great picnic spot.

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