CT Fall Foliage Hiking Trails “Just” Updated

Feeling like that go to trail is feeling a little lack luster these past few weeks? Me too, so check out the latest updated trail hikes for CT in the past week. But before you go exploring, check out the Connecticut’s latest guide to leaf changes on its Connecticut’s Fall Foliage page to get some of the peak colors right now. – Tony

Sleeping Giant State Park, Hamden CT, has an easy way to get to the top, above the trees, with a wide path all the way to a huge castle like tower. There are many places to gather here and spend the afternoon viewing the distant city of New Haven or just walking the many pathways across this mountain. 

Air Line State Park Trail and Lyman viaduct, Colchester and East Hampton, CT. It’s unique in its outstanding views, and any portion of this 50-mile trail can be an exhilarating one! Off Route 2, Exit 16 on 149 and River Road. Join the hundreds of people on this trail at any time on a beautiful weekend day. Most people with bicycles start at the parking area directly near Route 2, here you can safely cross under Route 2 to head toward Hebron, and its swamp and marshland or ride toward E. Hampton, through the Colchester portion.

Belding Wildlife Management Area and Preserve, Vernon, CT. It’s has fairy tale like setting with Norway Spruce rising high above you; truely unique compared to any park we reviewed! It’s dense forest of “Tar Pines and Spruce trees, will astound you invoking memories of childhood stories. Be sure to take your time strolling through the back pathways and loop the river that runs through it. 

Bigelow Hollow State Park and Nipmuck Forest, Union CT can be found at the end of the state’s loneliest highway, I-84. Devoid of people from the fall through to spring; you wil find yourself alone most of the time. Of course the occasional hiker, or boater will disturb your peace and soon dissapear again. Bring lunch stay all day here for free. Best hike for large families in Connecticut with ample places to roam, picnic and have fun.

Campbell Falls State Park, Norfolk CT.  Enchanting, inviting and surreal. Massive norway spruce dotted with maple bring this place to life. Seems like a fairy tale or a park in a distant European country you briefly saw on television. Come here as this place will enlighten you and thrill you. Don’t take my word for it, come here yourself; it’s open all year.

 Case Mountain Park, Manchester CT, has Lookout Mountain with its vast view of the Connecticut Valley. An easy walk up the hill can be had through the forest along the back of the mountain, connect via the waterfall above the parking lot. If you hike the main emergency road expect a definite workout and you will notice the burn in your muscles afterward. So try the back way for one of best the hiking mountains in the Hartford area.

Farmington River Rail Trail, Burlington CT’s portion of the is a great place to catch some hiking time away from it all. Catch the fall foliage and color changes along the river. While you venture with your friend’s and family up along this fascinating trail that leads to the massive mill and dam at the end. Enjoy the river; but watch out it runs very fast here.

Fox Hill Tower, and the trails of Vernon, CT are popular spots for viewing of the Connecticut Fall foliage. You can see the leaves change to beautiful hues of golden fall colors. This is accessible all year round and really worth the trip. An easy drive to the tower parking area will be delight for the handicapped as well as the able-bodied. Take your whole family, young and old to visit this peaceful little park overlooking Rockville.

Freja Park & Bolton Notch, Bolton CT, is more than just a cliff face with its vast valley of maple and oak, mixed with pine. Try parking at Bolton Pond and start one of many adventures from here. The Rail trail starts here, the pond is great for fishing, the valley awaits you or climb any one of the cliffs; there is more than one way up to the top here. 

Haystack Mountain Tower, Norfolk CT can take your breath away. Nestled in the hills of Western Connecticut, this beautiful tower is worth the steep climb up the steep hill, and the walk up this 37 foot tall stone tower is exhilarating. Just be sure to bring your camera with you, because it will be surely something you will enjoy sharing with others.

Heritage Farm and the Rose Trail,  Bolton CT. Signs warn you this is an archaeological treasure area, do not take anything out of here. Two hundred plus years ago, French Troops encamped here, and now this graceful field is full of life again where a weary trail walker rest upon its various benches that dot this really nice place. 

Heublein Mountain, Talcott Mountain State Park Bloomfield and Simsbury CT, offers more than just spectacular views, it offers you a chance at bird watching of an extraordinary variety. Sure there are turkey buzzards, there are hawks, and black ravens. But “Eagles” have been known to appear along the cliff face and that my friends is extra cool and worth the trip no matter what time of the year.

Hop River Rail Trail, Columbia to Bolton, CT Notice all the cars in the lots but no people. They’re either fishing or out riding their bicycles. If your running, walking or riding this section of the trail in Columbia, watch out for horses. This is favorite place for the local horse ranches, because of the soft red dirt, that covers the old railroad stone.

River Highlands State Park, Cromwell CT where a walk to the low bluffs and high 150 foot bluffs can bring you to the outstanding views of the Connecticut river. This wondrous place has a mystery surrounding it’s famous blow hole; that Native Americans claimed the “wind was caught by spirit of the earth” which then made a tremendous noise as it rushed the canyon created by the river.

Rocky Glen State Park and AL’s Trail in Newtown CT. That’s right a real person created this unique and impossible trail. You should be warned that only mountain goats can pass the trail as it bends along a series of unique cliffs and hundred foot tall trees, that hold the face of this massive cliff together.

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