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Gear Review: Banana Saver

Product Tested:

Banana Saver

Best uses for product:

Taking a banana safely anywhere you are going

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I cannot stand when my bananas get bruised. I’m like a little kid and don’t want to eat the bruised, squishy area. For me, bananas use to be a fruit that stayed at home. They were safer there, less likely to get bumped, squished, squashed, or otherwise hurt. Then the Banana Saver came into my life.

Now I can take my banana on a hike, to work even when carrying my bricks, or on a picnic. The Banana Saver is made in America of food grade polypropylene. Better yet, it is top rack dishwasher safe. Coming in at 8.25” the Banana Saver fits a good majority of bananas. In fact I have yet to have a banana that couldn’t fit in. There is a large hole on the top for a steam to stick out of and a smaller slot on the bottom for a Popsicle stick if you want to make a frozen treat.

Check your local Trailblazer or Denali store to pick up your own Banana Saver and safely take your bananas anywhere. This is truly one of my favorite products.

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