Platypus SoftBottles

Gear Review: Platypus SoftBottle

Product Tested: Platypus SoftBottle

Best Use for Product: Hiking, travel, tight space, hydration

Platypus SoftBottles


“Full when you need it, flat when you don’t.” Looking to shave some pack weight on your next hiking trip? Maybe your hard plastic bottle doesn’t always fit in your bag. Well, the Platypus SoftBottle is for you. The SoftBottle weighs 80% less then most hard plastic water bottles with the 0.5L coming in at 0.8oz and the 1L weighing 1.2oz. Being that it is lightweight means less materials and energy were used to make it. That means this reusable bottle is a green product.

My favorite part of this American made product is that it is so flexible. Once I’ve had some to drink I can fold the bottle up and put it in my pocket. This allows me to have water with me on short hikes without having to carry a pack or hold a bottle. When flying they are also great. If your carry on is packed tight the bottle can conform to many shapes to fit in. They can also fit easily in the seat pocket in front of you.

Another benefit of this BPA free bottle is its Clean-Taste Guarantee. I’ve had many beverages in my SoftBottles besides water and have always been able to get the taste out. The key is to rinse the bottle thoroughly with warm water and then let it dry upside down.

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