High-Heel Hiking Boots: Friend or Foe? (UPDATE)

If you want to see the term “hiking” used loosely, take a peek at a trend that has taken the high-fashion world by storm.

It all began last fall when Tory Burch launched a line of stilt-like footwear that mimicked a rugged outdoor feel. However, these shoes are a far cry from the boots built to handle off-trail wanderers. On the plus side, it does provide ample support to those attention-seeking hikers and would certainly make heads turn at the trailhead. Celebs rock high-heel hiking boots on the runway with ease, but we’d like to see them try to hike a driveway much less a mountain in these.

Most recently Teva capitalized on this trend. The creators of the first sport sandal partnered with Gray Ant to bring a specialty 4-inch stiletto “mandal.”

Dubbed the “most daring mash-up of the decade,” Teva’s signature Velcro-strap is paired up with an extra-grippy sole construction for an astonishingly high price of $330. Think of how many real hiking boots you could pick up for that price! A warning on the product’s retail page reads: “*Not recommended for actual hiking, gardening, mountain climbing or Phish concerts.” We’ll definitely keep that in mind.

Apparently the intention is simply just to make a fashion statement. Or more likely a fashion faux pas. Some may say they’re ridiculous. Perhaps others like that they add a fashionable twist to an otherwise simple necessity. We’re letting the readers decide on this one.

Will you be wearing high-heel boots on your next outdoor adventure?

(Images via newhighmart.com)

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