Hiking the Appalachian Trail: En Route April 5, 2010

We are now officially en route thru-hiking up the Appalachian Trail, from Georgia to Maine, having embarked successfully on April 5.

***PSST: Be sure to check out our full photo album at the bottom of this post***

We had a short stop over in Atlanta where we enjoyed some final comfort for what we assume will be the last time for the next six months. After that, my Dad drove us out to the Trail Head at Amicalola Falls State Park. We signed in at the visitors center and declared our intention to Thru-Hike the entire trail. After shrugging off some incredulous looks from the Rangers we headed out the door where we saw the sign above and the reality of what we are doing sunk in. ( The Trail Milege has changed over the years from its conception. It is now around 2,176 miles!)

Signing In at The Visitors Center. We were #535, 536, 537, and 538. Meaning that many people started hiking before us. Thousands of people start with the intention of Thru-Hiking every year, but only a few hundred will make it.

The Team at the start of the trail: Alex, Steph, Doug, Aaron, & Mike

The Team at the start of the trail. Alex, Steph, Doug, Aaron, and the late addition to our team Mike Silvestrini.

And then we were off into the mountains! We covered the first 76 miles in Georgia in about a week, with a quick stop to re-supply in Hiawasii. We are now in Franklin North Carolina, the second town on the trail, and have covered over 100 miles.

Stay tuned as the adventure continues! The team will be in Wesser N.C by the 23rd of April. Hope all is well at home.

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