How Big is Africa? Hiking Dominica

How big is Africa really? In an effort to combat “immappancy” — or insufficient geographical knowledge — illustrator Kai Kruse has superimposed several countries, including the United States, China, Eastern Europe, India and others, on the African land mass to demonstrate exactly how large it is.

It’s the elusive goal of any frequent flyer: How to get more legroom? Airfare Watchdog writer George Hobica offers eight tips to give yourself some breathing room, from booking last-minute upgrades to using your miles to get yourself a better seat. [USA Today]

Dominica has created a 115 mile coast-to-coast hiking trail which runs the length of the island. The Waitukubuli trail will take hikers about two weeks to cross, and passes through mountains and rainforests. It was originally used by runaway slaves who were sought to escape their plantations. One writer for the Guardian recently walked a section of the hike, and describes his experiences trying to conquer its yet-untrammeled path. [Waitukubuli Trail; The Guardian]

Source: The National Georgraphic Traveler

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