Introducing The North Face’s New “FlashDry™” Technology

I was lucky enough to see and try FlashDry ™, The North Face’s newest technology  first hand recently and was impressed.

My mini review: I’ve used a FlashDry™ under layer sample on a few trail rides and noticed that the actual fabric did not retain moisture, at least I didn’t notice any. It was as if I was sweating and the fabric pushed out and evaporated it before saturation. This was great for times when I would stop in the cold and not get those chills you usually get from materials that hold onto your sweat. There was nothing.

This evaporation demo showed how much more quickly Flash Dry (right) worked than the leading wicking material (left).

Below, I’m going to highlight a short demo of the material by FlashDry™ inventor, John Mitchell, as he showcases the new material.

The North Face FlashDry™ is not out yet, but it will be soon. Check out some more info below.

The North Face FlashDry™ works with your body to regulate temperature by removing moisture faster than any other performance fabric, by “turbo-charging” the fabrics performance with increased breath ability. It goes beyond any technology that The North Face has brought to the market because of its applicability, its system performance, and its exclusivity.

When layered in a system, FlashDry™ garments work together with one another to significantly enhance dry time and breathability. It helps regulate body temperature by quickly moving moisture away from the skin to facilitate rapid drying.

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