Jimmy Wayne: A Walk From Nashville to Phoenix for Project Meet Me Halfway

American country music singer & songwriter, Jimmy Wayne, has been on an incredible journey…a walk from Nashville to Phoenix (halfway across the country) on behalf of Project Meet Me Halfway, a project he launched January 1, 2010 to raise awareness for of homeless children and teens, especially those who age out of the foster care system.

Jimmy’s story is a heartbreaking one, but more troubling is the fact that it is far from unique.  Jimmy was actually one of the “lucky” ones, having eventually found a caring family who took him in, rescuing him from homelessness & a life on the street.  To read more about the story behind Project Meet Me Halfway, visit their about page.

Though we are joining this journey a little late (he’s almost done!), we are excited to share it with you, and are adding his video updates to our YouTube channel (see the Eco & Socio Responsible playlist).

It’s NEVER too late to support this cause…here are some ways you can get involved:

  • Consider becoming a foster parent
  • Volunteer to help kids in your community
  • WEAR your support by purchasing a shirt, hat, wristband or sticker
  • Make a donation, either to an organization in your community, or to Meet Me Halfway
  • Donate $10 to Meet Me Halfway by texting FOSTER to 85944…($10 will automatically go to MMH & show up on your cell phone bill)

You can catch up with & Follow Jimmy’s journey on:

Main Photo Courtesy of Urban Country Music Blog

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