Laura’s Pick: Petzl Tikka Plus 2 Headlamp

You might think that the best piece of gear I took with me to South America was something like my Ariel Osprey Pack or my waterproof Patagonia boots, or my ultra light quick-dry towel, but not really.

As great as these products were, because they were pretty great, I was most surprised of how useful the Petzl Tikka Plus 2 Headlamp is. From the wilderness, to the hostel, this headlamp never failed. I used it while camping in Illiniza Norte, in the tent, walking outside, as I started the fire and before sunrise, as my guide and I began our ascent.

I also used it at hostels when I was sleeping in shared rooms. You never want to be that one inconsiderate person that turns on the light to look for you pajamas in your pack while everyone else sleeps, so this headlamp is useful then too. Whether out in nature or in a dorm at a hostel, I was always happy to have this Petzl at hand. I even used it to move around my house during the power outages cause by Irene.

This headlamp is so useful I now keep it on me at all times; it never leaves my daypack and I never go anywhere without my pack, so it is always there. Power outage? Midnight adventure to the park? Camping? Trying to be inconspicuous-ish?

This headlamp has it all covered.


  • One high-output White LED (50 lumens)
  • Easy to use with adjustable headband
  • Compatible with lithium batteries
  • Shines up to 88.6 feet
  • Compact, light weight and comfortable
  • Contains LEDs and batteries
  • Water-resistant


Petzl E97 PP is ideal companion for hikers, climbers, runners or anyone needing hands free lighting. The E43 PS only one high-output LED bulb for maximum brightness and longevity, with a brightness of 50 lumens. The E97 PP is compatible with litium batteries to decrease weight and imporve cold weather performance. The adjustable headband is light weight, comfortable and easy to use.

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