Local Trails: Chatfield Hollow State Park


Chatfield Hollow State Park is a beautiful park located in Killingworth, CT. There are numerous colored trails in Chatfield Hollow that can be combined with a section of neighboring Cockaponset State Forest for over 10 miles of hiking.

With the exception of the Blue Chatfield Trail all of the trails can also be used for mountain biking also. The Chatfield Trail is reserved for foot travel only. I like to link a few of the trails together to make a longer hike but there are also some shorter loops that can be done alone. Be sure to take the Green Chimney Trail to explore some Indian Caves and get a view looking out to the west. The Indian Council Caves received their name from the many Native American artifacts that have been found in the area. It is believed that this area may have been used for tribal gatherings as there was also an Indian Trail along the brook. Another nice trail is the Purple Trail that travels along the east side of Chatfield Hollow Brook. The park is especially beautiful in the fall with so many different colored leaves reflecting off the streams and ponds along the trails.


In the center of the park is Schreeder Pond where you can go swimming or relax on the beach on the east side of the pond. Schreeder Pond was formed back in 1934 when the Civilian Conservation Corps built a damn across Chatfield Hollow Brook. Many visitors find the dam as an attraction as they watch the brook cascading down it. On the west side of the pond you will find picnic tables and grills for picnicking. This area is surrounded by majestic pine trees providing shade and a soft surface if you wanted to put a blanket down for your picnic.


Parking is charged from Memorial Day to Labor Day. For a hiking map visit the State DEEP website.

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