Local Trails: Mushrooms and Fungi

I had not hiked the Oswegatchie Hills in Niantic for a few weeks, and this is my favorite place to do some miles in the woods. First there was a heat wave and I opted to walk to the beach instead.  Then it was off to New Hampshire for a week in the White Mountains.  Lastly, there were many other excuses that I can’t even remember.

So Cinnamon, my trusted hiking Shih Tzu, and I decided it was back to the woods!  As we walked along, the one thing that caught my attention was the amount and variety of mushrooms and other fungi that had sprouted up all along the edge of the trails. It wasn’t until we were almost back to the trailhead that it donned on me that I should have taken some pictures. I had especially been intrigued by the mushrooms that looked blue and purple.  I do not recall ever seeing these colors before. And it wasn’t just one or two mushrooms. Almost everywhere we walked there were blues and yellows and reds and purples sprouting up through the leaves.  I promised myself that I would be back real soon and this time I would take some photos.












The following day we decided to go back and hike the trails in the opposite direction from the previous day and this time document the different fungi we observed. We were treated to numerous sizes, shapes and colors almost everywhere we looked. It took quite a bit longer to complete our usual loop, but it was so much fun looking for those unique sprouts.

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