My Farewell: Until Next Time

I’ve thought about how to start this for some time and what it came down to was simply putting my fingers to the keyboard and just seeing what poured out.

I’ve been with Trailblazer for a few years now and have seen people come, go, mature, as well as witness goals come to fruition. Along the way I’ve been managing the blog and social media channels, plus helping to bring some fun events to life within our stores.

Though I grew up in Connecticut my whole life, I had a career in my 20’s as a skateboarder. This allowed me to travel the world and even take up residence in California for about two years.

In that time frame I chose to go back to school after a lengthy ankle injury. This brought me back to Connecticut to get my journalism degree and transitioned me into my role at Trailblazer. I knew I would end up back in California one day, so instead of waiting for that day to come to me, which it might have never done, I sought it out and am now making that transition.

So, yes, I’m now a Los Angeles resident, again.

The decision I made to move my life to California was a tough one. Leaving my family and close friends was not an easy choice, but I think sometimes the hardest decisions to make in life are the ones I’ve always looked back on to appreciate the most.

So, yes, I’m in California, it’s sunny, I’m happy, and am handing over the keys to our newest member of the team this week, Amy Parulis. She comes to Trailblazer with a great background in the outdoors and I’m looking forward to seeing the direction she takes at the healm.

So, please look for my guest posts in the near future, welcome Amy, and I’ll talk to you soon!

Signing off… Tony DaSilva

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