Slacking St Patrick’s Day Weekend With Dave and Karyn in Guilford

Putting the green beer, corn beef and cabbage and the other “normal” Saint Patricks Day traditions on hold for a while.

Karyn Choromanski and myself took the Surf Line out and soaked in the sun this pastweekend. Karyn sporting the stylish knee high green socks enticed the neighbors away from indulging in the finer St. Patty’s Day traditions, to cheer us on and take some pictures.

St. Patty's crowd

I think it was the Knee High socks that really drew the crowd over.

Baby David the new all-start slacker

Baby David is the newest up and coming Slacklining all-star! Check out that one foot balance!

This weekends big goal was to work on learning Front Flips on the Slackline. This meant taking the next steps for us in the Tricklining world. Trying to do a flip and get your feet to land back on the line is almost impossible…. for me at least, Karyn had much better luck than I.

Take a look at our quick clip from this weekend and Karyn’s best front flip!

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