Slackline Up and Comer: Karyn Choromanski

Twisting Buhda

Find your peace and balance

I’d like to introduce you to the newest member in high flying acrobatics, the one and only, Karyn Choromanski.

Karyn Choromanski is our very own home grown CT,  up and coming star of Tricklining. Karyn is a passionate PE Teacher and stumbled upon slacklining at a physical Education Conference.

Once Karyn had her first Gibbon Jib Line, she began to master the basics walking and some static yoga like poses on the line and she was hooked.

Butt Bounce

Check out the Monkey technique!

The drive for progression lead Karyn to search  YouTube which then unlocked the limitless possibilities Tricklining had to offer. Motivated by the new discovery of these much more difficult tricks, Karyn began teaching herself and learning from watching others. Gibbon Slacklines own Frankie Najera, offers a variety beginner to more advanced tricks in his, “Trick in a Minute” YouTube videos. Here’s an example of the “Said Spin“.

This unusual sport of Slacklining was just about unheard of on the East Coast compared to its popularity out West. Gibbon Slacklines were part of the Ski and Snowboard expo in Boston back in the early Fall of 2011 and hosted their own competition called the Gibbon Games East. At this competition Karyn did not compete thinking she was not ready. Yet she wowed the Gibbon athletes on the lines they had set up for spectators to try out and made some friends on the team.

Double Drop Knee

Look I could sit here all day...

This competition put the dream of becoming an athlete into perspective. After a few months of training and keeping in contact with the Gibbon Team, the email comes. We want you to be part of the Developmental Team at Gibbon. The Developmental Team recognized Karyn as an up and coming talent in the world of Slacklining and that she has the potential to become a member of their Elite Pro Team that travels to do Competitions and Demos and really spread the fun of Slacklining to the world.

From here on out, Karyn is pushing her limits and training to become a part of the Pro Gibbon Slackline Team.

One arm balance

Look mom One Hand!

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