Slacklining With Trailblazer’s Dave “The Faulk” Faulkner

Slacklining seemed to be a hidden up and coming sport when I first learned about it around a year ago.

Now Sketchy Andy has catapulted the sport in front of millions during the Super Bowl. I’m sure by now if you didn’t actually see Andy Lewis bouncing around on the Super Bowl Half Time Show then you have most likely heard about him in the news shortly after.

Here is a short clip of Karyn and myself learning the ropes over the past couple months:

Finding your balance can be a struggle at first. The shaky leg syndrome happens to everyone. The next steps to Tricklining, like Andy Lewis was doing, are almost impossible to grasp at first. The idea of bouncing and landing on this two inch webbing is a crazy thought. When the Slackline is set up and tensioned enough it acts almost like a trampoline… the downside is you still have to find a way to land on 2 inches of webbing.

I’ve found the most accessible Slackline to get and set up is the brand Gibbon, which we sell at our locations.  Gibbon uses a pretty simple to use ratchet system to crank the line to create tension. For this type of Tricklining the lines that provide the best bounce and stability are the Jib Line and the Surf Line. The Surf Line is their competition line that is used for Tricklining Competitions such as the Gibbon Games East.

Keep your eyes out for competitions that might pop up locally it is definitely worth checking out the sport of Tricklining.


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