Starting Monday July 12: New Music Monday

Photo courtesy of Joe Lewis, via flickr.

We’re excited to announce a new post series in the works, officially kicking off this next Monday July 12, called New Music Monday…

The New Music Monday series will highlight the music that makes us happy, primarily from new/up-and-coming artists that we think you’ll want get to know yourselves.  We hope their music will make you a bit lighter on your feet during a long hike, loftier during a hard climb, inspired to get out for a run, or just plain happy as you travel around the globe, or around town.  We’re also building a Pandora station (Trailblazer Radio) based on the artists we’re highlighting, as well as some great more well-known artists too.

If you are an artist, or know an artist that you think would be a great feature here, please feel free to drop us a line & link(s) to more info in the comments below.

Keep your eyes peeled for our first post this coming Monday…and in the meantime, if you want a little taste of the music that makes us happy, check out the link to our new station below…we’ve also dropped a little hint here as to who we’ll be featuring first.  Not sure who’s in this pic? Come back Monday to find out!

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