Stay in Fashion: Hike With Teva Stiletto “Heels”?

Teva sandals is now taking the gamble that the fashion-conscious adventurers can go straight from the Appalachian Trail, to the trendiest Soho bar, without having to change. The heels, a creation of Teva and NY-based clothing company Grey Ant, are available in two styles: "Worlds Unite" (aka black and white) and "Natural" (aka tan) and retail for the low-low price of $330.00.  <--- Gentle sarcasm right there... And these sky-high heels aren't just for hitting the trails or the late night clubs. Judging by the pics, they're also awesome for letting loose on some afternoon landscaping.


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  1. I think hiking boots are far sexier than these hideous heels. I’d get a kick out of seeing someone wearing a pair while hiking, though. Thanks for the laugh!

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  3. Since I have overcome walking and shuffling challenges with Parkinson’s, I would love, love, love to wear these in a bike ride fundraiser for PD!  I can walk, ride and wear heels again! And, these would be perfect!!  “Heeling PD one step at a time”!

    PS  Now, if I can just find them at a decent price!

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