Teva Steps Into Water Conservation Feet First

Yestarday was World Water Day, and no, that doesn’t mean you should be using more of it. Skip the shower, pilgrim, and pretend you’re in the backcountry.

For every pair of footwear it sells this year, Teva will kick in cash to protect one linear foot of waterways, which works out to 4.3 million feet, give or take a river sandal or two, the company announced today. Put another way, at $154 per mile for conservation, that’s in the neighborhood of $125,350, significantly more than T kicked in last year in support of cleaning up the Gulf spill.

Teva is partnering with Ocean Conservancy and Waterkeeper Alliance around the issue of clean water, which means a variety of programs, says Teva’s Jaime Eschette, including beach cleanups, water sampling, restoration, and preservation of already clean waterways. It includes fresh and salt water. Money given to the organizations (and to others worldwide) goes directly to clean-water programs, not to marketing or administrative expenses.

Already on tap are community cleanups in Seattle, Portland, the Bay Area, and Atlanta. Keep an eye at for more.

Source: Adventure Journal

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