The Best Item We Don’t Sell

Now you might think I am a bit crazy to talk about something we don’t sell. There are just certain pieces of gear out there that I believe in and want to get the word out about even though you can’t get them from us. In this case I want to tell you about Road ID. You may have seen commercials for it while watching the Tour de France or even had a race bib with their logo on it. I know I ignored those ads and coupons for getting one for a while. The more outdoor activities I did solo the more my mother worried about me. Finally, I gave in and got myself a Road ID.






Road ID came out in 1999 when Ed Wimmer was training for a marathon and ended up in a ditch to avoid being hit by a truck. His father had been asking him to carry ID with him on his runs and Ed always brushed this off. While sitting in the ditch Ed realized that if he had been hit, he would have been brought into the hospital as John Doe.

The thing that makes a Road ID so special is that you can personalize it. Mine has my name, hometown, mom’s cell, dad’s cell, brother’s cell, and an inspirational quote. If you have allergies you can put those on it also. If you don’t want your family or friend’s number right there and visible you can get the interactive version. This also allows you to have comprehensive emergency and medical information. Your ID will have a phone number and website that first responders can use to get your information.

Road IDs come in 3 styles for your wrist, an ankle band, dog tags, 2 styles for your shoes, and you can even get an attachment to put on your dog’s collar. I came very close to needing mine last year. While scrambling up some rocks to change our top rope I dislocated my shoulder and tore my labrum and shoulder capsule. I was able to sit down but passed out and rolled down the hill. When I came to, my friend was holding my head and I was confused while I was sleeping in the woods in January. Unfortunately, I passed out again and did some vomiting. The only thing I could think to do was stick out my left arm to show my friend my Road ID. By the time he got his cell phone though I was able to tell him my parent’s phone number. If I’m going on an outdoor adventure, my Road ID is coming with me.

Look closely at my left wrist and you will see my yellow Road ID

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  1. I got one after being hit by a car on two separate occasions while out running in good ol Memphis. I also work in a level 1 trauma center, and there are tons of instances where people have been in the shock trauma bay unconscious and we have no idea who they are or who to notify of their accident. Some instances it’s been days before we could identify people.

  2. I travel a lot, a few years ago I was in a hotel gym and a guy running on the treadmill fell and messed up his face. He couldn’t talk to tell the people trying to help who he was, what room he was in, who to call etc. I’ve worn one ever since and have a 2nd one on the shoulder MOLLE for GRC’s.

  3. I run a lot at night, and often alone. My parents got me one – thankfully it’s never been “useful” but I like knowing if something happens to me people will know who I am and who to cal.

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