The Local Three, Six, Five: Kate’s Down to Earth Running Community: THE RACE TO HONESTY

By Guest Blogger: Kate Baron

Every morning my alarm goes off at 5am. Every morning I am faced with the decision to get up and run – or to not.

Daily I hold myself accountable – because no one would know otherwise…until race day.
My personal preference is to race more often than not, and to stick to a strict training schedule. The training schedule takes the question out of my plan for me (and leaves me with cut and dry expectations and results) and racing keeps me honest in my training.


Before I caught “running fever”, I had the desire to be a runner.  I wanted the body, the speed, the ability to truthfully say… “I’m a runner”.  All of these “wants” seemed like they would/should lead to action.  However, I personally found that I would put on my clothes and go out for a “run” and then proceed to walk and talk on the phone.  Or…I’d tell my husband I was “going for a run” and then go for a bagel and coffee with a girlfriend (no lie!).

So, there should not have been any question in my mind as to why I was not becoming a runner under these conditions – I wasn’t putting in the miles. I was faking it. You can’t fake your way into health and wellness. YOU HAVE TO BE IT.  This concept covers all areas of wellness – making the healthy choice (almost) all the time. What we put into our bodies, dictate results.

I’ve always been the type of person that enjoyed taking the 101 class and then skipping right to the higher level classes, focusing on my area of interest.  I didn’t care about the in-between. I was lacking the ability to see any value in the process.  Running demands that I embrace the process. I CAN NOT FUDGE IT. I personally can’t run three miles, get excited, register for a marathon and show up and run it with no training under my belt!

Running calls me to trust the process of slow growth and the larger picture.

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  1. I will let you know how running a marathon with no training goes as I know someone who it trying this.  I cant imagine not training for any serious event.  

  2. i can’t imagine that either!  i’ll be curious to know how their body fares. best of luck to them – may they be better at it than we might be!

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