Trailblazer Welcomes the Bear Grylls brand Craghoppers!

We are excited to bring the Bear Grylls apparel brand, Craghoppers, to!

Craghoppers, is tried and tested outdoor clothing that suits every lover of the outdoors and for every travellers next adventure.

Trailblazer is one of the few specialty shops in the country to have Craghoppers so check it out!

As a tribute to Bear, take a look at the 7 grossest things we’ve seen him consume.

Bear Grylls is one tough dude. He has gained a reputation for his willingness to eat and drink just about anything remotely edible that crosses his path.
Raw crab: Sand, salt, and goo (click photo to watch)
Fish head soup and boiled plastic drinking water (click photo to watch)
Bear eats and sleeps in a rancid camel 

His own pee

A tick (click photo to watch)
More larvae (click photo to watch)

Polluted water enema

While surviving on a raft he pushed off an island in the Pacific Ocean, Bear tests out a novel way to drink tainted, polluted water — through the bum! In 1971, a British family trying to sail around the world lost their boat after it was struck by whales. They were stuck on a life raft for 38 days and survived only because the mother, a nurse, knew that the only way they could ingest water polluted by turtle blood was to take it in from the other end. The enemas saved their lives. In this clip Bear re-creates the technique for our squeamish entertainment.

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