(UPDATED) CT Squirrel Rescue With Full Story

The Story  By Mike Franzman

 I often put food out for the birds and squirrels. Six days ago, I noticed something didn’t look right with this particular squirrel, but he was up in a tree, too far away to see. Using my 300mm telephoto Canon lens (without Image …Stabilization), I photographed him, and could clearly see, stuck around his neck, was a McDonald’s Sundae lid.

He could still run, and climb, and eat— and since I could not get anywhere near him, I kept an eye out, hoping the plastic lid would come off, but it didn’t…

Two days ago, I noticed his paw was stuck in it as well. Still too skittish to get near, I put the word out on facebook, asking if anyone had a trap so we could assist. Within two hours, Jeff Martin contacted me, and brought a trap to my house!

We caught other squirrels by accident (what an ingenious device), let them go right away, and then within one day then the right one came up, went in! Once trapped, I was able to grab the lid through the bars of the cage with long-nose pliers (advice from Dr. DiLeone at Ridge Hill Animal Hospital. As soon as I held that lid steady, the squirrel got his head out in an instant).
Moments later I opened the cage and I set him loose before he grew up and turned on me like the lion in “Born Free”.

-Photographs by me.
-Trap by Jeff Martin(courtesy of his dad).
-Lid by McDonalds.

Spread the word: Sundaes & Squirrels Don’t Mix!!

Check the previous post with all of the pics and captions here.

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